This Is Clothing is a unique boutique whose primary goal is to help make manufacturing locally a more viable option for emerging designers by promoting local emerging designers who produce their own products in house. 

This Is Clothing features emerging designers who are just beginning and have something special to show you. Because the designers are small (most of us are one person entities) the pieces you purchase are not in mass production and may not be available in large quantities. Many of the pieces are sewn out by the designers themselves. This process is what we believe makes a truly unique piece to be treasured. 

Currently, when you order from our website we will send that order directly to the designer who produces your garment and ships it to you. This Is Clothing takes 15% of each sale to pay for credit card fees, administration, hosting fees, marketing and all that jazz. The rest goes directly to the designer.

Our long term vision is to grow our own in house production facility into a designer owned coop that sews out for local designers. We would offer in house production services to emerging designers, group buys on custom fabrics and notions and support our local community by offering training and jobs to create a more sustainable way of manufacturing locally.

Our logo is a 5 pointed star in the middle of a threaded circle that is open at the top. The opening in the circle at the top of the circle is an nod towards open, non competitive systems. Let the ideas flow in.