This Is Clothing is a unique boutique housing independent creators who design with passion. All pieces are selected for their uniqueness and are individually handcrafted in the studio of the designer. Our site does not focus upon season but offers limited run pieces that are in constant production.

Our logo is a 5 pointed star that sits the middle of a threaded circle. The circle is open, signifying the expansion of unique internal visions into the physical realm.

We encourage you to check out the full collections of the designers listed below.

Current List of Designers

Minnie Opal

Sundari Devi Franklin drapes upcycled fabrics and lace into bohemian masterpieces that are sought after for their artistic beauty. Each piece is masterfully orchestrated and pulls you into the designer's vision. Winner for emerging designer at both Modified Style and Portland's FASHIONXT in 2017, her designs are lacy, whimsical and altogether charming.

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Modern clothing with a utilitarian focus and upbeat styling, our house line combines soft knits into pieces you won't ever feel like you have to change out of to get comfortable. Nonesuch believes you can't look your best unless you are feeling completely comfortable.

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Rogue Minx

Anna Marie Cooper is our designer hero. She is self taught and has been selling her bold designs for over ten years. She's a trend setter and a bad ass. She's letting us sell her unique underwear on our website to help support smaller designers. 

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Ruby Girl

Our fascination with Shannon Conrad's jewelry started when we watched her make a ring a day for a year. Each ring was exquisite and we wondered how she could be so prolific without repetition. Cause she's a genius. Pick up one of her pieces and feel the craftsmanship wrapped around your own neck, wrists or fingers.

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Sloane A. White

Sloane began designing clothing for tiny dolls in stop animation sequences. We are very grateful that she decided to enlarge them enough to fit us. Her pieces are made from reclaimed materials and her craftsmanship is beyond comparison. We love her glorious details.

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Tender Wonder

Matching mom and baby rompers and the reason it all started. Rosalee Rester popped out one baby and then another. She was so tired of those damn snaps that she decided to make a baby outfit without any fasteners, inadvertently creating one very comfy baby outfit that is so easy to use, even a man can do it. Hey now, we aren't suggesting men are so incompetent that they can't change a diaper. We are only calling attention to their big man hands that must make it difficult to snap 18 tiny snaps or button 12 teeny buttons. That's all. Really!