Soft silver knit fabric with an alternating geometric ponte fabric on the inside the hood and on the collar. The black knit fabric is a thick cotton/spandex blend. The hems are left unfinished on this piece. The silver knit fabric is milled here in the USA.

Visualize Little Red Riding Hood strolling through the quiet forest protected by a large cloak. This dress is based on that feeling without the burden of a cloak. The A line dress has a wide skirt that is slightly lower in the back. The generous hood is lined and accents the main fabric. The collar of the hood falls nicely into a cute collar and the neckline is made to wear either on or off the shoulders. 

If you'd prefer the contrasting fabric to be a different color just email us and let us know which fabric from our Collection section you'd like us to use instead.

Made in our Portland, Oregon studio. 

10% of each online sale is donated to the Polaris Project.

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